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NBA Revolution 30 Swingman Jersey

The NBA Revolution 30 Is 30% Lighter And Dries 2x As Fast As The Current NBA Uniform Predecessors.

Thanks to Adidas’ patented ClimaCool fabric which absorbes moisture within three seconds of exposure to said moisture. The fabric drives heat and sweat away from the body through its textile based ventilation. A breathable mesh was used to make the front and back numbers. The end result is a sweet uniform produced by Adidas that is 30% lighter than the traditional NBA uniforms used in the past.

The new uniforms are the result of a four-year study, led by Adidas and the NBA, involving 200 NBA and NBA D-League players. Beginning this season, all 30 NBA teams will be outfitted with the new look. The recycled jerseys will also be available to fans for purchase, starting with a limited-edition line featuring 33 different players.