Paranormal Central on Livestream

Paranormal Central every Sunday evening at 6:00PM PST on Livestream. Watch as Jeffrey Gonzalez and Allen Thomas talk about the latest Paranormal topics with news from Fresno County as well as news from around the world. ‚ÄčThese guys are not just talk show hosts, they are also Paranormal Field Investigators.

You can also watch Paranormal Central on TV where they cover all things paranormal. With over 15 years investigating the paranormal, show host Jeffrey Gonzalez and co-host Allen Thomas discus topics such as aliens, Bigfoot, ghosts and conspiracies.

National TV

Paranormal Central has been featured on National Television shows and networks such as Nat Geo and Animal Planet where they search for UFO's, Bigfoot, Ghosts, and everything paranormal.

Jeffrey Gonzalez

Talk Show Host and Investigator at Paranormal Central and Technician at AT&T. Former Field Investigator for MUFON.

Allen Thomas

Talk Show Host and Investigator at Paranormal Central and happily retired. Has wintnessed a Bigfoot sighting first hand.

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