T.S.B. Reel

The Star Breed 2015 Motion Graphics + VFX + Animation Reel. Projects dating from early 2015 way back to 2007. Starts with the new and ends with the older stuff.

I like to sit with a creative team in one pod to encourage collaboration and overall alignment with brand guidelines. You'd be amazed how quickly things can diverge if your creative production teams are physically separate.


Bringing video production in-house represents uncharted territory. Figuring out how and when to start can be challenging. There is no one-size-fits-all practice for integrating video into a larger business strategy, and each company's story will be unique. I refuse to recycle ideas conjured up during the inception of a prior project.


Compared to an external producer, an in-house video producer has a more nuanced knowledge of the overall business strategy, a personal investment in the company's progress, and a greater comfort-level with the team. That is why I work with you from inception to completion in your environment and at your place.

Team work

Some video teams function as internal agencies, producing projects across the entire company. Others are nestled within a particular team, and mainly focused on one mission. I like to collaborate and brainstorm. But most importantly, getting to know a team (on a creative level) comes first.

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